Welcome to Astronomy Morsels

Over the years, I have become more and more interested in astronomy. As an amateur, I enjoy studying the sky at night, have a special interest in astrophotography, like studying and analysing astronomical gear clocks and buildings, enjoy reading books and find it interesting to simulate certain subjects with especially spreadsheets. The name of this website comes from the wonderfully titled book series "Astronomical Morsels" by Jean Meeus. Very exciting study materials and the origin of many sleepless nights ...

You will find the materials and experiences I collected over many years on this website. Hopefully there is something useful for you, any tips are most welcome.

Disclaimer: this website was initially created mid April 2024, so it is all work in progress ...!

Anton Viola


A collection of mainly spreadsheets, ranging from special relativity (spacetime) to telescope equations, simulation of astronomical clocks, planet orbits and Jupiter/Saturn/Moon simulations. 


List of recommended books and articles regarding astronomy, astrophotography, astronomical clocks, astronomical buildings and our universe.

Astronomical Clocks

A presentation of some famous and less famous astronomical gear clocks, starting with Antikythera, going over to the Eise Eisinga planetarium and finishing with the more modern Eclipses Abacus for eclipse predictions. 

Astronomical Buildings

An overview of selected historical astronomical buildings, including Stonehenge and Chichén Itzá, but covering many others as well.


A carefully selected list of useful links.

This month's selected video: "Binary Dreams: How does A.I. see the Universe?".