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Latest Updates


  • 17.04.2024: creation of initial website.
  • 18.04.2024: upload of first series of morsels.
  • 28.04.2024: received request to develop morsels for Visual Binary Stars and the Jupiter Great Red Spot, both available now.
  • 03.05.2024: on request, a first implementation of NASA's MARS24 Sunclock was made, available as "Time on Mars".
  • 05.05.2024: on request, morsels were made for Star Magnitudes, the Sun's position and Equinoxes/Solstices, V1.0 versions released.
  • 09.05.2024: on request, morsels were made for perihelion/aphelion (our planets) as well as Eastern dates (1850-2099); also made a major improvement for the "Visual Binary Stars" morsel. Renamed "Conversions" to "Utilities", includes now calculation of angle separation.
  • 22.05.2024: added the moon phase to all observation morsels.


  • 21.04.2024: first list of recommend publications made available.


  • It is now possible to submit a bug, improvement and/or idea regarding morsels.